Day[9] Daily #254 – Naama vs DIMAGA ZvT


In this "Choose Your Own Adventure" Daily, Day[9] analyzes the Muta/Ling/Bane metagame in the current TvZ match-up.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Balancing your mineral/gas is fairly easy, but when larvae is considered a resource, it feels a bit overwhelming trying to balance them all. Any advice for keeping minerals, gas, AND Larva low?

-You mentioned "the tap" again when referring to Dimaga using it on his spawning pool. Does the tap really apply as well to zerg as it does to the other races, or is it much more limited?

-What do you feel like Naama could have done to stay ahead in the game, and ultimate not lose the game?


  • mouzNaama(T) vs mTwDIMAGA(Z)
  • A build or strategy is always about little rearrangement and the overall stuff you want to get; alot of swaps in consideration depending on a given situation
  • Terran waiting for bunker and Helion to finish before switching the factory onto the reactor - rearrangement of the double Hellion opening
  • Finding opportunities to build more drones - thinking of other associations instead of food count
  • When the gas gysers go down is extremely important in a build
  • In the later game, having a clean strategy stating what it is that you want to do