Day[9] Daily #255 – Mondragon vs EmpireKas ZvT


Day[9] examines a game between Mondragon (Z) and EmpireKas (T). Since his webcam is broken for this episode, Day[9] offers some creative alternatives.  The audience sees Kas do a crisp, 3 rax timing against Mondragon where Mondragon almost loses the game but is spared by a single lucky Baneling!

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  • Mondragon(Z) vs EmpireKas(T)
  • Refining openings - focusing on crisp timings (building Units right as you have the money to), giving you more time later
  • A planned transition to mech play - and is this panic mode; having a simple Mid-game plan
  • The few types of Units you have, the larger your army is overall
  • Having one clear attack path and shifting paths for a clear reason (going for expansion); expanding in a way that protects attacks from the backside