Day[9] Daily #257 – Newbie Tuesday: Refining Mechanics



Day[9] reviews three replays in which players attempt to use hotkey and mechanics concepts explained in Daily #252.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-As Zerg, I always have my Queens and hatches hot-keyed, do you recommend watching the energy levels on the queens to know when to inject Larva or should you just be looking at the meter on the hatcheries instead

-You said you didn't know alot about shortcuts, do you know about injecting Larva through the minimap and should this something players should consider

-Isn't a little harder for Zerg to worry about the "keeping your money low" considering that you are limited by the amount of Larva available to you


  • Clicking the move the screen instead of scrolling and where your eyes should be looking
  • Getting a count on the probes when scouting at the beginning
  • Importance of hot-keying units and buildings
  • Fundamental mistake of the scouting probe that is not scouting and getting important information
  • After building structures, going back to check for production