Day[9] Daily #258 – Friendday Wednesday with iEchoic


In this Friendday Wednesday episode, Day[9] invites iEchoic to join him on the show and they talk about his new TvT playstyle. This style uses a 2 Factory, 2 Starport build that relies on Hellions and air Units - that's right, no tanks!

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You don't use the Barrack much at all. Do you think that Reapers, as a mobile Unit and flexible Unit, would make an effective mix into your Unit composition? It can harrass, destroy buildings, etc.

-How would this work against a hard turtling tank Terran? It seems like Hellions and Banshees would lose a lot of their harass power against a well defended turtle?

-How would this build be adapted for use with other races?