Day[9] Daily #262 – Huk vs qxc


Day[9] casts and does some deep analysis on a PvT game featuring HuK and qxc.  He focuses on the builds that each player brings to the field, but more specifically analyzes the Protoss build and how the 3 Gate Robotic Facility build was the most effective option for HuK when facing qxc in this situation.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-We saw Huk try to move out around 16:00 for mid. Considering what was going on, is that the right time in general?

-Do you feel that the reason Terran is struggling so much in TvP after the 12ish minute mark is due to how the current "metagame (sorry for using this word)" is staying bio and not transitioning to mech like you mentioned (with Thors/Banshees), we saw IMMVP experiment with mech vs Squirtle in the GSTL?

-Is forgoing the first Zealot as Protoss a wise decision against any Terran or should that be something to do based on scouting

-Can you please explain why you consider it to be "ok" for Terran to be 50 food down on a Protoss?

-Would incorporating Echoic's blue flame Helion opener work vs Protoss, it seems that it would fit the "indirect attack" mindset for a Mid-game plan?


  • HuK(P) vs qxc(T)
  • Considering the opening and how it fits into the mid-game plan and extracting an overall plan to the Mid-game
  • Adding alot of Gateways when you're maxed as Protoss - to be able to replenish Gateway Units fast