Day[9] Daily #264 – PvT Analysis from Germany


Day[9] takes a look at a cool PvT game and does some general analysis. He deals with the concept of variety versus size. In this PvT, the Terran ends up building almost all marines, and Day[9] explores the consequences of that. 

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  • princeSG(P) vs intotherainbow(T)
    • In this daily, Day9 analyzes some PvT while in Germany for CeBIT and the IEM Finals.
    • Normal looking expanding by Protoss - being cleaver about cronoboosting and hold probe production
    • Early aggression by the marines leads to ghosts being able to good later on - forcing protoss' archon, templar, zealot composition
    • Protoss making the right units, but losing to timed aggression by Terran