Day[9] Daily #266 – ROOT Minigun vs Forever PvT


Day[9] looks at the PvT match up, but in a broader sense, also looks at the idea of pinning an opponent. Pinning works by seeing what your opponent has, making conclusions about what he may be doing (i.e. if you see no gas, you can pin your opponent to be early expanding or going for some heavy mineral aggression). To explore this idea, Day[9] looks at some examples from a game between Minigun and Forever.

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  • ROOTminigun(P) vs Forever(T)
  • SCV in base, early assimilator - starting to build and putting guys later in the 2nd gas
  • At 4:30 - 4 Marines, if Terran had been making only Marines
  • Defend your main or attack the front instead - in a Marine/ Medivac drop, not many Units, if any, will be at the opponents main making it very vulnerable
  • In a base-trading situation, canceling any buildings that are being constructed - trying to kill supply structures, then Unit producing structures
  • Crisis management for Terran - building bunkers in defensive positions and setting the ralley points properly