Day[9] Daily #270 – A Grubby Special!


Day[9] examines how Grubby uses a highly mobile army to survive and recover from major damage.

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  • Grubby(P) vs sLivKo(Z)
  • Trigger of after creating the 15th Drone, scouting for a pool
  • Any time you have sentries, hugging the wall to make it easier to put down force-fields
  • Refinement - tiny queaks: starting 3 gateways before blink, having Stalkers out as blink finishes
  • If you have really slow Units, you can only defend an expansion close by; faster Units can use their mobility to use expansions at a distance
  • Blocking paths of mobility by building Units that would block either air or ground
  • Lack of creep spread by Zerg being immobile against mobility