Day[9] Daily #272 – Combating the 4Gate in PvP


Day[9] analyzes the 4 warp gate push that seems to dominate the majority of the pro PvP matchups. He also discusses the basic tools that are needed to analyze and break down any build.

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  • 4-Warpgate: Not getting 2nd gas, and going for 4-gates - able to make 1 or 2 pylons at the opponents ram with stalkers
  • Possibility of dealing with a 4-gate in PvP with a 4-gate; frustration of trying to figure out to stop the 4-gate without 4-gate
  • 4-Warpgate Benchmarks:
    • Timings of when the first few units comes out, 4th warpgate finishes; when the econ runs dry for this build
    • 3:38 - 1st zealot & core
    • 4:10 - stalker
    • 4:40 - +3 gates
    • 5:15 - warpgate done
    • 7:30 - low money
  • Begin brainstorming and figure out what build you'll need want to test
    • Being careful about your assumptions (never being supply blocked)
    • Taking note of how you feel during the build variatations
  • Refinement
    • Considering timings, building placements and units in the variation builds while keeping a list of your assumptions
    • Going to back refine as much as possible
  • Test and refine as necessary