Day[9] Daily #274 – Newbie Tuesday: Using Reapers


Day[9] explores the use of speed Reapers with replays from the viewers. Topics include how to survive while getting Reapers, how to use them to harass and scout, how they affect your gas/mineral balance, and how to plug them into the mid and late game strategy.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I'm a master league Terran. When I go for late Reapers I usually can kill a lot of Probes/structures and this causes immediately counter reaction, but fairly often I don't have enough stuff to defend myself.

-With the recent change done to the Infester, Do you feel like this unit will become the staple in ZvZ where every good player will have at least 3 and ZvZ in general will come down to how good your Infester micro is.


  • Incorporating Speed Reapers into your plan for Newbie Tuesday
  • Staying alive, distribution of money and how this plugs into the rest of our strategy
  • When making reapers, having high minerals and low gas with time to build another Barrack
  • Measuring if a strategy is successful by looking at the food count
  • If you're high on money - you didn't build enough structures or you didn't make stuff fast enough