Day[9] Daily #275 – Mana vs DuckLoad


Day[9] analyzes a PvP best of 3 between Mana and White-Ra. First he looks at Mana's defense of a 4gate and analyzes important timings, strengths, and weaknesses of the PvP build. In the second game, he analyzes 3 gate robotic builds from the same players.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-In many PvP's I've played where both players opened with a Robo build, the first player to expand generally loses because the aggressor will have 4 more Zealots which seems to tilt the tide until the ~3+ Colossus count.
-You talked about "Unit Composition Skewing", and I was just curious if this technique opens you up to timing pushes (for instance with stronger stalkers when you have more Zealots)


Mana vs DuckLoad

A look at PVP while using notes from D9D#272 to see how the 4-warpgate is implemented in Mana vs DuckLoad's play and how to transition out of this build if it fails.