Day[9] Daily #276 – Cruncher vs Check PvZ


Day[9] breaks down Cruncher's unusual ZvP style that he recently used to beat Idra. The build starts with Phoenix and Void Ray pressure and transitions into a two base Colossus ball with Void Ray support.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You talk A Lot about timings, as a high Platinum player do these timings still exist or should I adjust my timings dude to the wide variety of macro abilities? I should I use master+ lvl timings in order to practice for the long run?

-As the Zerg in this situations, are timings the only answer to scouting these different builds? Are there any other indications of what the Protoss is going to attack me with after going Stargate?

-In many PvZs where I open Stargate, I have a hard time setting up my third base (~12 min) even after successful Star harass. When I try the Zerg hits a timing as all my building Warp in and I don't have enough Units to hold it.


  • Cruncher(P) vs Check(Z)
  • How does the 3rd base work into the overall strategy; having long-term focus play
  • Reverse-timing: if your opponent is doing a build order that you know the timings for - concluding what the opponent is doing
  • Counting "blunders" and using them to know when to attack/counterattack