Day[9] Daily #279 – Hasuobs vs TLO PvT


Day[9] looks at playing standard, focusing on a HasuObs PvT. He looks at most standard builds from early game, through the transitions, and ending in late game with max army.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-In one daily you said that it was ok "to do something good without knowing why it's good." How does this relate to the idea of this daily?

-I am usually a reactionary player who balls then attacks - how should I transition into being more aggressive?

-I never know which of my replays i should analyze after playing. What should i look for while playing that says i should probably watch the replay?

-With the recent 1.3 patch, do you think the change in Khaydarin Amulet will dramatically change the PvT matchup?