Day[9] Daily #281 – Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 1



In this first part of a 3 part analysis of the PvT match-up, Day[9] looks at very specific timings of the Protoss player and what the Terran player can do to take advantage of them. By looking at the army of the Protoss, you can estimate what is in their base and where their money is going. 

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  • The order of which you execute them
  • Looking at timings and potential vulnerabilities of Protoss - using a core of Marine/Marauder/Medivac specifically
  • Be willing to discard stuff (replays) you don't care to think/study about - having a focused goal
  • Counting the Units/per minute, Chrono energy and Unit cooldowns for benchmarking and estimating the opponents Unit count

Q&A With Day[9]  

-While this kind of analysis seems relatively straight forward and useful for P and T, Zerg production capability seems much more volatile depending on how and why they droned, injects, timing for a 3rd etc. Do you have any tips for how to do this kind of analysis when facing the swarm?

-I like the idea of gauging people's teching, etc, by their Unit production. However, as a lower league player, players' production is much less consistent due simply to sloppy play. Is there a good way to use these timings?