Day[9] Daily #282 – Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 2


PvT Matchups, Part Two of Three.  Day[9] focuses on the Terran point of view, and suggests that if the Unit composition is more Sentry-based, the player can expect either tech or an expansion. If the army is composed primarily of Stalkers then the player can conclude that Protoss is not building new structures because he simply cannot afford it. 

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I noticed that in some of these games even when the Terran went for a timing push before the Colossus came out the Terran got smashed, was this just a mistake of micro

-In the second game we saw Gretorp scan early, if he instead scouted with a worker and uses mule instead of scan, do you think the extra units he could make with that money make a huge difference in the early battle?

-If I see a Protoss making a lot of Sentries, how would i know which unit production structure he is making? My Unit composition is normally very marauder heavy. If they make Void Rays i automatically lose.