Day[9] Daily #283 – Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 3


PvT Matchups, Part Three of Three.  Day[9] takes a stab at his PvT opening against the AI. He experiments with various openings with a general goal of getting up an expansion and many Barracks. After tinkering around with his build order, he asks his friend to 3 Gate pressure him, and gets destroyed.

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  • The 3rd part in this 3-part series of some extreme specifics in TvP play
  • Slowly flushing out a build and figuring out timings

Q&A With Day[9]

-Dear Day9, the versatility of Protoss has made my TvP my worst match-up. How can I recognize what my opponent is doing in time to react to it in an appropriate manner?


  • Day[9] vs Tristan on Xel'Naga Caverns