Day[9] Daily #286 – Friendday Wednesday with Spanishiwa


Day[9] has a guest on this episode: Spanishiwa!  Day[9] covers Spanishiwa's Zerg build, which he believes allows a Zerg player to rely on mechanics, and not as much on micro, which gives the player an advantage at dealing with early pressure.  This is a no gas forever style, which makes it a very unique way to play!

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Q&A With Day[9]

-On a large map where it could be hard to steal P gas how does this build deal with a DT rush given the delayed layer tech and evolution chamber for spores?
-What kind of strategies would you be most worried about Protoss and Terran players using when you play with this strategy?
-Can you have Spanishiwa talk a little bit about the ZvZ nuances of his opening since we didn't see any ZvZ reps?