Day[9] Daily #291 – Sheth's Nutty ZvT


Day[9] shows off Sheth's Zerg play style, and emphasizes some of the key things that Sheth focuses on when he is playing. First, Sheth worries less about his timings, and more about just making sure that he never has any Larva just hanging out.  Second, he focuses on getting Roaches out as early as possible to be aggressive, and third, that it is good to have Units spread out and checking expansions to avoid letting Terran have map control.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Is it more important to have a build based on what your opponent is doing, or having one of your own
-What do you do in this situation when your bases are far apart and keep getting harassed?


  • FXOSheth(Z) v ONEsonkie(T)
  • It's less about when you take gas, but spending the Larva right away
  • Early Roaches for early aggression and defense
  • Zerg creating their own points of vulnerability in the late game
  • Importance of scouting expansion locations of vulnerability and having Unit mixes spread out