Day[9] Daily #309 – The Right and Wrong Way to Learn


 Day[9] explains the common mistake where players examine their play and end up making incorrect adjustments that make their play worse. He goes on to warn against this danger and provides explicit examples of correct and incorrect play adjustments.

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Q&A with Day[9]

-Do you think it ever may be a mistake to take a 'shortcut' by going online and looking up build order timings rather than taking the time to understand the principles behind build order timings and strategies? Why or why not?

-I know that the only way to improve is to play online, but I'm intimidated by doing poorly and have no friends to practice with. How can I improve to feel less intimidated when playing online without the feedback offered from opponents?

-You talk about finding the ACTUAL problem instead of what we think is the problem; when dealing with gold-ish level players how in the hell will they KNOW what the actual problems are?

-The problem I have when I'm Terran is that I'm not sure when I can build another Barracks and be able to build out of it non-stop. Any ideas how i can fix this?