Day[9] Daily #335 – oGsMC vs Sen Half and Half


In this half and half, Day[9] analyzes a game between Sen and MC. He takes turns analyzing the game from each player's perspective to increase understanding.

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Part 1 – Protoss: What sort of damage with Phoneix/Void Ray opening, motivation for fast 3rd, basic order, what doesn’t MC attack
Zerg: +1 timing, why no drops and late Brood Lord timing

Part 2 – Protoss POV

Part 3 – Zerg POV, Q&A

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-Should you upgrade as a Zerg player before the 3 base during Zerg vs Protoss and during a micro game?
-I have recently been attempting to learn Zergling Infestor instead of my normal Roach Infestor. Sen was very passive, do you believe that Sen lacked abuse of the mobility his army brought? I feel like Sen would have liked to trade armies...
-Do you think the Zerg could have been a bit more aggressive?


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