Day[9] Daily #336 – LiquidRet vs MouzThorZaIN


Day[9] looks into Ret's TvZ style, where he skimps on early game defenses in order to get a very quick Spire for Muta harassment. He reveals that by constantly stretching the Terran army across every corner of his base, Ret has plenty of time to build a large enough force to win the game.

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-What do you think is the best way for Terran to deal with this counterattack heavy Zerg style? It just seems like Terran can never move out, and if he doesn’t, Zerg just gets stronger.
-How would Ret’s opening fare against some sort of cheese? It seems TOO passive.
-This style obviously relies a lot on positioning and counterattacking. What would you suggest to do to make this style viable on maps such as Shakuras where there are no counterattack paths?


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