Day[9] Daily #338 – LiquidRet vs dNaniwa


Day[9] investigates Ret's amazing playstyle and reveals that, while Ret's strategy and builds are fairly standard, his mechanics and subtle decision-making really pushes him ahead.

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Part 1 – Ret vs Naniwa Intro – Ret’s style: early 3 base, Creep-spread between bases

Part 2 – Ret’s style continued – Roach timing with little vision, Extractor timing, Game 2

Part 3 – Game 2 continued, Q&A

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-In both games we saw Naniwa push out and lose his army on open ground. What do you do when the Protoss refuses to move out from his bases until maxed and then attempts to crush you in one big attack? Aggression doesn’t seem possible.
-Is it more effective as a Zerg player to focus on aggression and drops like Ret or to macro up and mass up a large death-ball army like Protoss usually does?


Day[9] Song of the Day

Clark – New Year Storm

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