DAY[9] Daily #342 – Ask Me Anything! (Audience Questions)


In this comedic episode, Day[9] focuses on getting to know Sean "Day[9]" Plott not only as Day[9] but also as the person he is "behind the scenes." This Daily is organized in an "Ask Me Anything" style, where questions are taken from viewers in the chat about his life, starcraft and anything else!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Q&A With Day[9]

Part 1 
-Have you considered doing a “Welcome to StarCraft” special for all of our friends/girlfriends/wives/family that are interested in learning about Starcraft?
-Do you believe in the so-called “eSports bubble” that djWheat talked about on Weapon of Choice a few weeks ago? That is, do you think that people are investing a ton of money and expecting the same kind of growth that the eSports scene has in the past year, and is this growth sustainable?
-How is your mom following the scene nowadays? Since she has two boys and was so supportive as you described during #100, I’m wondering how she’s in your life today.
-How often do you get recognized on the streets? Is it flattering or an awkward situation for you personally?
-How has becoming e-famous affected your life (meaning like, how people that knew Sean Plott before he was Day9)? Was it something you had ever thought possible from just starting your Daily?
-I am sure your popularity and good looks give you a large female following, but you are constantly complaining about lady troubles on your show. I have wondered this for a while… Is it just awkward and weird to consider dating a fan, or do you just have other reasons/ things going on?
Part 2
-We all know you love eSports and SC2 and all that jazz, but what else do you enjoy to do on your free time? Any crazy awesome talents you would like to share? If you could be doing something besides SC2 casting, what would it be any why? 
-Who is your favorite player and why?
-With Heart of the Swarm approaching what new multiplayer unit would you like to see added, and why?
-What do you miss about competitive play that you don’t get from casting?
-Where would you like to be career wise when you are 40 years old? 50 years old? Do you think that you will still be casting SC tournaments when you are middle aged?
-What is the secret to your extreme happiness you seem to have found? It’s a pleasure watching you enjoying every single moment you share with us. Are you on drugs? :-)
Part 3
-Will you ever return to the professional scene?
-If you could play a musical instrument, what would it be?
-Your opinions on sexism in video games.
-Do you have any tips for someone considering becoming a full-time progamer?
-How did you balance college and StarCraft while you were at Harvey Mudd?
-What’s your favorite anime and why?
-I haven’t laddered in a long time and I’m having a hard time clicking the find match button. Do you have a motivational speech that would help me.
-Where do you get your awesomeness?