Day[9] Daily #343 – Catz vs White-Ra


Day[9] focuses on a single game between White-Ra and Catz where specific, less talked about aspects of the game are discussed. Day[9] touches on subjects like proxy hatching a forge fast expanding Protoss and looking at when and why a player should cannon rush. He then goes on to focus on Protoss taking fast thirds and the difficulties therein.

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Metronomy – She Wants

Q&A with Day[9]

-White-rA often goes down multiple tech paths faster then any other Protoss I see. How does he manage this without sacrificing economy or losing to early pressure?
-Why did White-rA get +1 shields after +3 weapons instead of +1 armor? Is this due to fungal growth for archons?
-What can a zerg do to kill Archons? Are mass Roaches effective?
-What are units you should be dropping as Protoss?
-Why do you think that White-rA is more successful than normal?
-White-rA had 89 Probes at the end of the game. Should he have freed up some supply?