Day[9] Daily #345 – Queen Inject Timing


Day[9] discusses the importance of meticulously working on and fixing one aspect of gameplay at a time while learning. Specifically, Day[9] focuses on Queen inject timing, tackling the problems one might encounter when learning in this fashion and suggesting ways to fix them.

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Blue Sky Black Death – Forgive Me
Blue Sky Black Death – Gold In, Gold Out
Blue Sky Black Death – Dream of Dying
Blue Sky Black Death – They Came Around

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Part 1 –  Priority lists and macroing problems at the lower levels

Part 2 – Decision making mistakes

Part 3 – Strategic considerations

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Q&A With Day[9]

- Larvae injects seem like a basic thing to focus on and improve. What would be something to hone in on for Protoss/Terran?
- I am a Diamond level player and I am having trouble fending off early pressure while preparing for the mid and late game. Besides better scouting, is there any way I can be prepared for this? Different Build?
- How does one determine which item on the mental checklist to begin working on? Should we simply pick one at random?