Day[9] Daily #348 – Thorzain vs DRG TvZ



Day[9] investigates the Terran versus Zerg matchup by analyzing a fantastic game between ThorZaiN and DongRaeGu. Day[9] discusses the decision making of both players as the match progresses.

Song of the Day

Blue Sky Black Death - Swords from Driftwood

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Part 1 – ThorZaiN vs DRG TvZ

Part 2 – Thorzain vs DRG TvZ

Part 3 – ThorZaiN vs DRG TvZ

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Can Terran win vs Zerg without doing that early massive damage?
-Leaving your base with that many Mutas on the field seems a bit risky. If your attack fails at all, you're screwed. Wouldn’t it be safer to defend until you have Thors to defend with?
- Did Thorzain come close to allowing Zerg to come back into the game? Would drops/scouting have kept Zerg on the backfoot allowing him to take the 4th painlessly from the first attempt?