Day[9] Daily #355 – IdrA vs Revival 1.4 ZvZ


Day[9] analyzes a Zerg versus Zerg match between IdrA and Revival. Day[9] highlights possible ways to get an edge in a match-up where both players are using the exact same build while at the same focusing on thinking long-term.

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Part 2 – IdrA vs Revival 1.4 ZvZPart 3 – IdrA vs Revival 1.4 ZvZ

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Q&A with Day[9]

- Earlier you briefly mentioned that you can assume our opponent didn’t do something (10 pool) because the timing should have already hit. I’ve had issues with this mentality when my opponents just delay their push.
- How do you scout if a player is rushing Mutalisks reliably?
- Do you feel the Spire that Revival never used hurt his play? Why did he never use his Spire? What would have been different if the Spire had never been built?- Despite IdrA teching for Banelings, he did not utilize it. Do you have any suggestions which can help implement Banelings in all stages of the game in ZvZ?