Day[9] Daily #356 – Controlling Game Flow


In this Daily, Day[9] discusses the concept of gameflow wherein one player’s play forces his opponent down a certain lane of decision making that ultimately provides a benefit to the original player. To explore this concept, Day[9] showcases a game between IdrA and Elfi where Elfi is able to control his opponent’s flow.

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Part 1 – Controlling Game Flow

Part 2 – Controlling Game Flow

Part 3 – Controlling Game Flow

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Would IdrA have been better off going mass Roach and spore to negate the Phoenix/Zealot combo?
-Kiwikaki does this build with 6 Chrono-boosted Void Ray and goes and kills the Zerg with Zealot support, what do you think about that?
-Do you think Efli made too many Phoenix and instead should gone for Colossi and High Templar?
-Could IdrA go with a Ling/Hydra mix with quick upgrades or do Roach/Infest and use Fungal?