Day[9] Daily #357 – IdrA vs Puma Game #2


Day[9] analyzes an extremely long yet very close match between IdrA and Puma in order to highlight how both players were able to stay standard for an unusual amount of time. Day[9] also focuses on ways to rebuild an army after an even trade as well as figuring out what errors made for such a long game.

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Part 1 – Intro into IdrA vs Puma Game #2

Part 2 – Analyzing the mid-game and big mistakes that cause a longer game

Part 3 – Final thoughts and Q&A

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You were saying that IdrA should have taken the top right natural. Wouldn’t that allow for Puma to push along the right side and siege tanks below the cliff?
-What is a good way to control your opponent's bases as Protoss?
-We saw Zergs in the GSL like Leenock remax with a very slow building force such as Brood Lords in split map situations on maps like Metalopolis. Is this incorrect?
-What was the main turning point of this game?