Day[9] Daily #360 – Mental Checklist: Exercises


In this Newbie Tuesday, Day[9] focuses on one of the most important concepts for a player: his or her mental checklist of tasks that must be repeatedly completed throughout a game. To provide an example, Day[9] demonstrates exercises throughout the episode that can be used to help improve play.

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Part 1 – Mental Checklist: Exercises

Part 2 – Mental Checklist: Exercises

Part 3 – Mental Checklist: Exercises

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Would it be easier, instead of having to click on your hatcheries to see when they’re done, to just look at how much energy your Queen(s) have?
-What do you think about location hot-keys instead of hot-keying hatches?
-After doing these exercises, when is a good time to take my game to the ladder?