Day[9] Daily #361 – Stephano vs KiwiKaki


In this daily, Day[9] explores the concept that placing constraints on a player in a game will inspire creativity. Day[9] analyzes a game between Stephano and KiwiKaki and evaluates how simple constraints that KiwiKaki imposes on himself result in innovative play.

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Part 1 – Stephano vs KiwiKaki

Part 2 – Stephano vs KiwiKaki

Part 3 – Stephano vs KiwiKaki

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Why didn’t Stephano make stronger harass to destroy KiwiKaki's base? It seemed that the largest force he used was maybe 8 Roaches. Couldn’t he have been more aggressive against those expansions to help shut them down?
-Isn’t KiwiKaki making the assumption that the Zerg isn’t going for 2-base Roaches which would do very well against the 2-gate Zealots?

-Would you only recommend always getting a Mothership in extremely late game scenarios?
-Why do you think KiwiKaki strayed way from using storms in this match?