Day[9] Daily #366 – Naniwa's PvZ Style


In this Daily, Day[9] focuses on Naniwa’s well-rounded 4-gate robo opening that allows him to take a safe third base against Zerg behind early aggression. Day[9] also highlights viewer attempts to imitate MVP’s play discussed in the previous episode.


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Part 3

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-Is this style viable if you do not have the best control/micro?
-Why did Naniwa not blink up to the high ground with blink Stalkers/Observers and try to harass the 3rd, then blink back down?
-What happens if the Zerg player hides his tech well enough at the beginning? Are we allowed to make an Observer, delaying the Immortal production? What if he doesn’t opt for the Roach play?
-What happens if your 2-Immortal attack doesn’t kill the 3rd?