Day[9] Daily #370 – Huk vs Aria


There’s been quite the buzz about the player Aria. He seems to play a very aggressive style with extremely crisp mechanics. His reaction time is absurd and his general use of compositions is somewhat unusual. With so much excitement in the community, why not do some analysis of his play? That’s what today is… as you might have guessed xD.

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Q&A With Day[9]

– Do you think that teching a lot is essential for Zergs as this give them many tools to counter effectively, or is it better to focus more on one set of tech?
– What is Protoss’s best response to the worker Baneling drop/Mutalisk harass splits that you recommended to Zerg?
– At what point is is logical to move away from Roach/Ling builds? When is it smart to move into late game tech?
– What is a good ratio for Drones to units count I find myself losing with 3-4 bases up and 60-80 Drones not enough Units to defend?