Day[9] Daily #371 – Sase’s PvT Drop Play


PvT is widely considered to be the hardest matchup in the game. While Terran has a fairly straightforward time building a Marine, Marauder, Medivac, Ghost, viking mix, Protosses often struggle with clear goals or methods of applying pressure. Sase solves many problems in the matchup with cleverly timed warp prism drops, helping to push theTerran back into a defensive position while Protoss powers up.

Daily Links

Part 1Daily #371 – intro into Sase’s warpprism play

Part 2 - Daily #371 – variations on Sase’s drop-based play

Part 3Daily #371 – Sase losing during transitions problems and what to avoid

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Q&A with Day[9]

– Sase’s Warp Prism harass was a very effective pin against Terran, and thus Sase inherited map control. However, it seems this style would be particularly vulnerable to a ninja expo (as it seemed it would become vs Bomber in game 1?)
– As the Terran, how would I counter this style? Since it appears the way boxer countered it was by sheer luck (position wise), is there a way to win purposefully in this situation?
– Why did SaSe go for Archons? Boxer was clearly going Ghosts in the fourth game, and EMP would annihilate them.
– It seems like Warp Prism is always better than obs against no gas. Is this a dangerous conclusion?