Day[9] Daily #373 – PvP 3 Gate Robo Variations


Day[9] focuses on different variations of the 3 gate robo build the the Protoss versus Protoss match-up. Day[9] explains how to stay alive before your 3 Gateways and Robotics Facility are active, guides the audience through various executions of this build, and discusses transitions into the midgame.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I find it very hard to hold off 4gates with just forcefields, any tips?
-Do you see colossi slowly being phased out of PvPs?
-I feel like PvP is my worst match up. One of the big problems I have is just knowing when I should feel relatively -sure there isn’t a 4 Gate coming my way.
-What is your opinion on the 1 Gate Stargate-Pheonix play Protoss players have been doing recently? I have seen players such as Axlav performing such builds and it really interests me.


PvP: WhiteRa vs Elfi - Terminus 
PvP: EGHuK vs LiquidNonY - Xel'Naga Caverns
PvP: EGHuK vs Elfi - Shakuras Plateau
PvP: EGHuK vs Elfi - Antiga Shipyard