Day[9] Daily #374 – ZvP Dimaga's Crazy Ling/Muta Mix


In this daily, Day[9] discusses the Zerg versus Protoss match-up by analyzing Dimaga’s Mutalisk heavy style. He also showcases and critiques several audience submitted games featuring the 3 gate robo strategy discussed in the previous episode.

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Q&A With Day[9]

- Is there anyway to apeshit as a Zerg with Zerg/Muta, getting upfront aggressive? Or is it all about keeping the enemy away, always?
- Why did Dimaga make Roaches instead of Zerglings against huk’s first attack? It seems to me that Lings would be better since they had the upgrades.
- When exactly would you start to transition into something else given the Muta/Ling build?
- If your opponent plays passively and turtles, how do you deal with that in this style? It’s difficult to counterattack if your opponent is taking advantage of your overall weakness and teching/making a lot of Units.