Day[9] Daily #375 – TvZ: Dealing with Zerg Aggression


This Daily begins by continuing a previous episode in which Day[9] analyzes Dimaga’s mutalisk heavy play. This episode features a game between SeleCT and Dimage in which the Zerg player’s Mutalisks force the Terran player to remain passive until he has a large enough army to push forward.

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Q&A With Day[9]

- I noticed at one point SeleCT only stimmed 1/3rd of his marines during one push with Mutas. Would you say that NOT PANICKING is super important in seemingly scary encounters?
- When I do my tank push I end up facing upgraded Lings which rip me apart, or a counter attack, how do I scout this?
- Do you think that the Zerg’s tech swap to Ultras is what ultimately cost him the game? They aren’t very strong against Tanks or Marines, so it seems like a poor decision.