Day[9] Daily #376 – ZvP - Idra vs Huk: Starving Your Opponent



Day[9] analyzes a unique strategy used by IdrA in a Zerg versus Protoss game against HuK. Day[9] analyzes IdrA’s anaconda-like approach as he contains and starves his opponent.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Every time I try to go macro heavy at the beginning of the game I get crushed by a huge army, I think I could need more scouting, but i don’t really know how to early scout as Zerg, any advice?
  • It looked like IdrA’s style of counterattacking and keeping the enemy force small was unstoppable. Would drops and/or some defense at home help against this?
  • I play Zerg and try to do this style a lot, but I find when I have my opponent contained on 2 bases, I grow too passive, and he just waits to produce a single death ball that I can’t stop. How do I keep him on low tech like in this game
  • When I do this starvation play, I will continue trading armies but sometimes have abad engagement, not replenish fast enough, and then he will steam roll me when i have 3k/3k banked