Day[9] Daily #388 – Stephano's ZvP Brilliance


Day[9] analyzes Stephano’s use of aggression to combat coin-flip scenarios wherein Stephano is able to both defend against all possible attacks and create windows to Drone safely. Day[9] explains his build which focuses on transitioning from an aggressive mineral-focuses style into a powerful gas-focused style.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You talked about committing to aggression and defense as Zerg. What are some triggers I should look for to know when to commit to offense/defense? What should I look for to switch from one to the other?
-You saw the Warp Prism harass coming in from the Protoss, do you think the Zerg could/should be doing something similar.
-If you are passive in the late game it opens up the opportunity for Protoss to do an Archon toilet, how do you deal with this?
-Stephano NEVER sent his overlord in to scout, do you think it’s necessary to use it or do you think meta gaming your opponent is the better path to take?