Day[9] Daily #389 – LiquidZenio's Sturdy PvZ!


Day[9] analyzes a Protoss versus Zerg game between Wulong and Zenio in which Wulong opens with a brilliant style to buy time for him to reach a powerful late-game composition. Day[9] discusses the importance of being aggressive with a Roach/Hydra composition to counter this.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I love constant Roach/Hydra exchange, but if Wulong retains his Voids/Templar and gets 2+ Colossus, Zenio would evaporate. how should he deal with this transition?
-I feel as though Xenio got lucky winning this game because Protoss forgot to upgrade ground weapons. Would you agree with this?
-What is the difference between getting many Geysers fast and a double evo-chamber and upgrades earlier; than doing what Zenio did with slowly adding on the Geysers. Couldn't he just tech up faster as well?