Day[9] Daily #394 – Terran Week: Thorzain's TvT!


In this Terran versus Terran Daily, Day[9] analyzes ThorZaiN’s build and miraculous ability to simply have more Units than his opponent at every point in the mid-game. This Daily emphasizes the important of hitting an opponent continually where he is weak while having more expansions behind your Tank line than your opponent.

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q&a with day[9]

-I’m top in my Bronze rank, and I have a difficult time with TvT. I usually fail against mech because I’m mainly bio. Are there any ways to counter mech with bio?

-I know increasing map control is important, but what if the opponent ninja expands or proxys? Would this type of play be vulnerable to some sort of counter attack?

-Wouldn’t it be difficult to play against early cloaked Banshees or Siege Tanks using thorzain’s build?

-What is your favorite BSBD album?