Day[9] Daily #395 – Terran Week: Bombers's TvZ!


In this daily, Day[9] investigates a very potent Terran versus Zerg build that includes a fast third base in conjunction with very quick upgrades. Day[9] points out that the key is a devastating timing push as soon as you reach critical mass but also explains some of the build’s weaknesses.

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q&a with day[9]

-As a Silver Terran, I feel like no matter what I do Zerg will always out-macro me no matter what. What can I do?

-Is it possible to simply go for fast 2/2 instead of 2/1? Why not simply get equal upgrades for weapons and armor?

-Since we don’t attack/scout for such a long time, cant the Zerg just expand a ton? Also isn’t the defense upgrade better to get first because of Mutalisks?

-As a Zerg, when the Terran doesn't scout like in the first game, how can I take advantage of this?