Day[9] Daily #399 – Very Easy PvT by Empire.Kas


In this Daily we'll see KAS PvT two games which is based on really fast third Command Center and mass tech. His strategy is as simple and standard as possible this can be.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I noticed KAS never went above 5 Medivacs even when he had a huge army. Is there a certain ratio of Medivacs to bio to go for?

-The 4 warp gate is fairly hard to hold in a regular 1rax expand with out getting the third cc. How do you think such a greedy build would fair against 1 base all ins like the 4 warp gate?

-I find that after the standard PvT game ends there is a transition into Zealot/Archon. Is it better to keep making Marines and Marauders and kite them while EMPing