Day[9] Daily #403 – Grubby’s Phoenix PvP!


Day[9] Daily #403 – Grubby’s Phoenix PvP!

Day[9] analyzes Grubby's Phoenix opening in PvP. He shows having a very mobile army in the early stage of the game allows for early harassment and abundant scouting. Finally, Day[9] explores how to transition into the mid-game from this opening.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-How fast is too fast for a fast expo in PvP?

-What is your favorite type of fish?

-How do you think Void Ray/Immortal/Zealot compositions will play out after openings similar to the first game we watched?

-What if they put down a few cannons in their mineral lines. Won’t the Phoenix be completely useless in picking off Probes?