Day[9] Daily #407 – Grubby vs Sheth – ZvP decision making


Day[9] focuses on how Protoss can deal with Zerg players making three fast hatcheries as a response to Forge FE. He does this by looking at harass timings and investigating early/midgame expanding patterns overall.

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Part 1 – the opening and expanding timing

Part 2 – unit composition choices

Part 3 – final analysis of the late game; Q&A

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Q&A with day[9]

-Do you think Zerg could have been more successful with a drop in the toss main instead of moving after that expo with the Ultras

-I’ve heard that Zerg always need to stay one base ahead of Protoss, is that a general rule you should trust?

-Why do we see players in PvZ doing forge expands nowadays and no more Sentry expands? Isn’t being more aggressive earlier allowing for easier expand as well?

-I have been noticing you love it when players expand when they apply some pressure that is not that threatening, but may appear that way, is this correct?