Day[9] Daily #409 – EmpireKas vs LiquidZenio: Amazing Aggression


Day[9] discusses how TvZ can be played without relying on fancy strategies by having extremely aggressive play with early drops and transitions into standard play.

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Part 1 – the openings; fast drop play, fast 3rd CC

Part 2 – the mid game; checking for expansions

Part 3 – The end game; Kas’ mass SCV production and expanding

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I’m currently a high gold player and I play Zerg, but when i play Terran i always havem because they will send a crazy amount of Medivacs to my base (5) and i dont have a good Unit comp. and i cant react fast enough
-How do you think Zenio could have come out on top of that match?
-Do you think it’s viable to do something similar to this in PvZ? As in constant pressure with mineral Units whilst building up a deathball that needs Brood-Infestor to stop?


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