Day[9] Daily #412 – ZvP Roach Free Zeniownage


Day[9] points out the weakness in the Ling/Muta base trade style and introduces a solution provided by Zenio, where he shows that Hydralisks can be used as a stepping stone, Zenio demonstrates a beautiful style that deals with a variety of Protoss openings and sets up a fantastic stage for Mutalisks to shine.

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Part 1 – the stepping stones into Zenio’s Ling/Muta

Part 2 – use of Hydralisks into Ling/Muta transition

Part 3 – the transition into Ling/Muta

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q&a with day[9]

- In part 2 of game 1, you said Zenio was running with a conditional build tree and noted that he built the Spire for potential Mutas. Since he didn't need them, how could he “Extend the use” of his Spire?
-Do you agree that GREEN is by far the most superior color?
-When someone is only going one upgrade at a time do you prefer attack or armor for toss and or Zerg?
-How do you defend a +1 mass Zealot timing attack with this build? Seems like it is a direct counter to this build.
-Do you not feel that having a strategy based on a base race situation is a little risky?