Day[9] Daily #413 – Feast’s Stalker/Gateway PvT Style


Day[9] looks at Feast's very aggressive, Gateway-heavy PvT opening that focuses on early Stalker pressure to stay safe in an otherwise scary early game.

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Part 1 – Basics of the opening; Stalker aggression

Part 2 – Putting a lot of pressure on the expanding Terran to setup the mid-game

Part 3 – Counter pushing with Stalkers again aggression

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Q&A With Day[9]

-How was the Terran still able to produce an army big enough to kill the Protoss when the Protoss had a huge econ advantage and should be able to overwhelm the Terran?
-When do you know not to put on early pressure with Stalkers?
-What do you think about early blink Stalker plays? Can these be done while going for early eco advantage?
-If they Marauder rush, would this build still work? Or how would you adjust it?