Day[9] Daily #415 – Stopping Mutalisks in PvZ


Day[9] analyzes how to react to a Zerg player who goes for a counter attack style. Most of the time, Protoss players do not understand how to position an army to stop Muta harass. He also focuses on helping Zerg players by explaining what Protoss players will be most likely do to deal with this style.

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Part 1 – Basics of the opening; positioning of the armies

Part 2 – The “right feel” of Stalkers; having vision control in the mid-game

Part 3 – Expanding, Final analysis; Q&A

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Q&A with Day[9]

-What if he kills off the force protecting your base while you are pressuring his expansions?
-You said Phoenixes aren’t good against Mutas as numbers grow. Is this just because it’s off of 1 Stargate? And what’s your opinion on Axslavs Zealot Phoenix play vs Mutas?
-What is the best general position to put your cannons against a Mutalisking player?
-Do you find that there is any way to deal with Mutas if Z delays your storm tech?