Day[9] Daily #416 – MarineKing vs White-Ra – 2Rax Opening!


Day[9] focuses on MarineKing's super aggressive bio and Medivac timing push versus Protoss. With this style, Terran players solve the problems of scouting, transition, and dealing with Protoss greed at once. He explores how to transition out of this style into a comfortable mid to late game.

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Q&A with Day[9]

-How do you decide what to do for Funday Mondays?
-As Protoss, I use a 1-gate rob opener that leads to a 2-3 Immortal push. How would this 2rax aggression affect my build?
-I noticed some people choose move out when the 2nd Marauder pops. What is the reason to wait; how does this affect the game? I notice that in my game that it still hits at a strong timing.